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EruMike Week Day 7: Historical AU
[[sadly no time for doing something for the previous days, but at least I got thise one out. Also King Smith for 2k14!]]


EruMike Week Day 7: Historical AU

[[sadly no time for doing something for the previous days, but at least I got thise one out. Also King Smith for 2k14!]]

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  •  _Times may vary_
  • Tourist: Muse is suddenly dropped in another country with no money, no knowledge of the local language, and no map. Lasts for 3 days
  • Five Inch Heels: Muse is forced to wear shoes certainly... out of their comfort zone for a day (anon specifies the shoe)
  • Gravity: Muse suffers from a lack of it for two days, and when gravity is restored, they keep dropping things and expecting them to float for an extra day.
  • Musical: Muse can only speak in lyrics of songs they've heard. Lasts for a day or longer.
  • Don't Do The Thing: Muse suddenly gets a buttload of ridiculous urges to do things that are dangerous to their health (like say, stick their finger in a pencil sharpener) Day or less
  • Dragons Have It Bad: Muse breathes fire every time they open their mouth. They can't stop. Two days
  • Scarves Are Evil: Muse begins wearing a scarf that is slowly getting tighter, but it won't stop until someone steps in. Three day max.
  • Worst Fear: Muse's worst fear comes into manifestation, three days plus.
  • Mirror: Muse can now travel through mirrors! Level up! Unfortunately though, they can't always control it, and the mirrors love to swallow up unsuspecting souls. Is your muse next? Two days
  • Shipping Ball: Muse feels the overpowering need to match up people, with admittedly varied results. Two days
  • Always The Cute Ones: Muse is suddenly gifted with a cute small insect beast, which, unbeknownst to the muse, feeds on their anger (or some other common emotion the muse has, anon decides) and grows, eventually turning into a disgusting monster if left unchecked.
  • Gridwork: Muse is trapped in an electronic device of anon's choosing for three days-- a device that's glitching, and their darker side may make an appearance.
  • 80 Days: Muse is restless. Terminally so. Whenever they sit down, they are compelled to stand back up again, keep moving, until they drop. (Anon decides where muse begins this journey) Lasts three days.
  • Memer: Muse becomes a meme loving fuck for a day
  • Hands Off: Anything muse touches becomes poisoned or wilts. Four days.
  • Phobia: Muse has an obsessive fear of (anon decides) for two days
  • Good Beast: Muse is given commands by a voice, and if they obey, their world becomes sharper. If not, they begin to lose vision and body functions. (Anon decides the voice, must be plotted between muns) Three and a half days
  • Scissors: Muse can cut a hole in reality and travel in between worlds, wherever they like. The only problem is, the government is after the scissors, too. Two days.
  • Blood rush: Muse is stuck in a woodland trap, dangling by their foot. (Anon decides who the trap belongs to) Lasts until someone helps them out.
  • It's Spreading: Muse ends up with a small, black spot on their neck that slowly spreads, and as it does, they get crabbier and less sociable and the gunk coats their body. If the goo is unchecked, after three days it sinks into the muse's skin, and they're under its dark control for another two days unless someone can snap them out of it.
  • God Damn It Me: Muse is now a zombie. The catch: their spirit is watching as a ghost, and is frustrated at all the stupid shit their body is pulling. One other muse can see them, though, and anon decides who. Lasts for roughly two days.

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Welcome, Commander Dawk. [closed with charismatic-commander ]


 }       Ƭhose were pleasing words to hear. Erwin would do near anything to get away from this place, and going to a nice bar where no one would stare and question why the MP Commander was speaking to him on friendly terms would be a godsend. There was much catching up on that needed to be done. Who knew when they would get a chance to do this again? Each man would be immersed in their own jobs—their own fabrications and masks that would always need to be worn when around their superiors of those who would use any kind of weakness against them. This might be the last time they were able to talk as friends and not as two ruthless men. And so, Erwin told himself he would make the most of it.

On this expedition…he may not make it back.

That was something he had lingering at the back of his mind as a constant reminder that his dreams may be cut short. One mistake, one mishap, and that would be the end of everything he had fought so hard for—everything he needed to fight for in order to show the world the things his father had taught him. He didn’t need to think about this right now, however. All he would successfully do is stress himself out and that was not something he needed in the slightest. Erwin had to appear confident and sure because if he showed himself to be anything else, Nile would pick up on it with the attempt at creating a rather happy atmosphere shattering like a glass figurine upon stone pavement. “That sounds like a plan. Being able to drink without worrying someone is watching you intently would be absolutely refreshing.”

He chuckled, shaking his head a bit and turning to glance at the door. No one had come sniffing around for them.

A good sign if anything.

Perhaps that meant that both of the men had been promptly forgotten once the ‘glamour’ of their visit had worn off. Turning his gaze back to the other man, he gave a small nod. “Lead the way then, Nile. I’ll be right behind you.” He couldn’t follow too closely though—at least not until they had actually stepped into the bar. There would have to be distance until then. Keeping up this charade was difficult, but it was something that they both would have to get used to. Things were not going to be changing any time soon. If anything, they might have to even step up their ‘game’ just to keep up the illusion they had created tonight at the party. This should have been all easy for them by now…but when it came to friends, such would never be an easy pill to swallow. Erwin would inwardly cringe each time he had to act his role—each time he had to pretend as if he and Nile were nothing more than simply soldiers on different sides of the same coin.

He hoped…somewhere in the middle of everything, he and Nile would always be able to discern that they were just playing their parts and that anything cruel or cold that left either of their lips was not taken seriously by the other. He wasn’t sure he could bear it if the other man took everything that might be said in the future to heart—like being stabbed by a dagger over and over again without any hint of remorse. Erwin was good at playing the part of the frigid soldier so well, that sometimes even he forgot that he was just wearing a mask upon his visage.

It was nice to be caught up in the wave of rather pleasant feelings, the fact that anything that might have slipped from his lips before were long forgotten. Even in this brief moment, it was like before they graduated, just with an added fear of constantly being watched. It wasn’t something that he liked, but he lived in the spotlight now with every eye in Sina on his back, ready to condemn him the moment he slipped up. And to think, people had given him such flack for staying safe. Anyone who deemed Sina safe had either been raised there, or were to naïve to notice what happened around them.  

It was rare that he regretted not going into survey with the rest of his friends. The lone sheep who turned his back, leaving his friends, the people he had grown so close to, all of them possibly going to their death. Whether it be joining Survey or the Garrison, neither of them provided the safety and security he had needed.

But he wasn’t going to let those thoughts drag him down, as he turned to face the other. “Give me a moment, I have to make sure that Marie also gets home all right.” Getting her into his carriage and on her way home was first priority, wanting to protect her from the influence of the people around her.

It was never hard to locate the woman, smiling and commenting on her need to rest. It was easy to excuse himself with such a pregnant wife, explaining to her as they walked about the plan for what was actually happening. With the promise of passing on her well wishes, it only took minutes to get her on the way home.

Every now and then, as he watched his footsteps along the paved stone road, he would hear the other moving behind him. It was painful to him, to know that he couldn’t even be in the same walking space as an old friend. The deep difference between what had been such a simple choice so long ago, the choice of his love over his friends. The choice between life and death, at least in his eyes. He wasn’t Erwin. He wasn’t Mike. He didn’t have the mental or physical strength to do what they did.

Nile was just a simple man with simple pleasures. Making sure he could still hear the blonde behind him, he ended up opening a side door, and stepping into the dimly lit room. It felt good, smelling more like home than he would have ever expected. He waited by the door for Erwin to enter with him, catching eyes with the barmaiden. Another relic from their past, a woman who was close with his Marie. Giving the woman a small smile, he held up a hand as the other entered, wondering if he would notice.

It was such a long time ago.

It was the first place that they had both met Marie. 

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Nothing but a quiet place. [with sagacious-soldier]


"It’s quite all right." Mike tried to dismiss. "Early mornings aren’t great… but it’s part of my job. It’d be hypocritical if I showed up late." Mike explained looking over the other. "It’s a lot busier in the morning… so it’s quite nice being here during the down time." Mike explained.  He didn’t often go out during the afternoon, Mike was more of a solitary person, and home was the most comfortable place in the world. A coffee shop could grow to become a close second though.

When Nile moved to the coffee machines Mike only smiled at his words. “I’m still sorry, It’s a little rude to make a joke to strangers.” Mike continued to add on, feeling only slightly guilty for confusing Nile, but still amused none the less. He leaned over, craning his neck to see Nile work on the coffee, but he stayed in his seat at the same time. “I would have been amazed if you caught it right away.” Mike replied, watching the other work.

Once the coffee settled on the table, Mike looked at the design atop the foam of the drink, giving a small smile at the design. “Thank you.” Mike spoke, and lifted the warm mug, taking a sip. It was warm and sweet- and not too hot. Some of the milk stuck to his mustache,  and he pressed his lips, licking it away. “Ah, I’m a teacher, down at the high school around the corner— History.” Mike explained, and reached into his shoulder bag, pulling out a bunch of homework papers that already had red marks on it. “Tests are coming up next week so I guess I’m going to be pretty busy soon.”

“I suppose I could claim that early mornings are part of my job as well.” He pointed out, the barest form of a smile on his lips. Summer was over and school had started again, which meant the man had to work with everyone’s schedules once again.  Most of his workser were still in school, and most of them enjoyed taking afternoon classes, which left him now working late into the night… If 8 could be considered all that late. “You’re more than welcome to come visit and do your work here, if you like.” He offered, though he didn’t know why he was offering it so easily.

As he settled on the other side of the counter, however, he found it easy to watch Mike. It was less like watching someone work and more… Well, Mike actually almost reminded him of a dog. Not in a bad way, of course. But quiet. Probably loyal, and clearly he had to be strong willed to deal with high school students day in and day out. And to teach history? The other must have some sort of death wish.

“That’s a shame.” It was an idle comment, his hands tightening slightly around the mug. “But I suppose being busy is a good thing in your line of work? Or is it? I can’t say I’ve met many teachers that I wasn’t learning from myself.” Watching the other pull out the papers, he almost immediately took a step back from the counter, wondering if he should leave the other to his work. Should he even ask? Or start cleaning the machines to close up? It was an awkward little moment for him, causing him to turn slightly to the side, glancing at one of the machines. 

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"Erwin. Erwin. Your subordinates gave me FAR too much... To drink. I demand you take me home. Or to your room. Or to a bed."



Erwin stared dumbfounded as a rather disheveled and intoxicated Nile Dawk stumbled into his office, banging the wooden door hard against the wall in his haste to open it.

Although the Legion’s Commander had to admit he enjoyed seeing the other like this, the faint pink flush on his cheeks, the way his body swayed ever so slightly trying to keep his balance…but most of all he loved just how needy the other was like this.  Really, Mike and Hanji had outdone themselves this time.

"So it’s a demand then?" He responded rather calmly, feigning disinterest as he rested his chin on his hand as he studied the drunk Commander before him.  "Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to pick one.  Your residence is a wall over you know and I don’t quite feel like explaining to Marie why her drunk husband fell off his horse.  Or why he was drunk in the first place."  He paused for a moment thinking over the next two options briefly before continuing . 

"My bedroom on the other hand…now that seems a bit more sensible for this time of hour as well as closer but then where would I sleep?  And should you simply want a bed, there’s some fresh hay in the stable, no doubt you’d feel right at home."  Erwin was finding it rather difficult to keep his lips from twitching upwards into a grin as the words left his mouth.

"I’d advise you to take your own advice as well Nile" amusement flickered in his eyes.  "I remember back then you would talk an awfully big game but in the morning you were lucky to get out of bed let alone get your harness on or ride a horse without making unattractive faces."  And on those rare night when Mike had joined them…well no doubt everyone thought Nile as quite a sickly being having to spend a day in bed to recover.

"However, I’m not one to turn down such a request from one such as yourself so I won’t keep you waiting any longer" and as soon as the last words left his lips, Erwin easily shoved Nile’s intoxicated, lanky form back onto the high backed, plush chair reserved for visitors and he stood peering down at the other with a smug air about himself.  Their time together was a rarity that he was going to spoil the other however he requested it but Erwin was still going to be the one in control.  And he knew that’s just how Nile liked it, equals now or not.

"I hope you can still last as long as you did back then" he spoke, leaning down until their faces were mere inches apart and resting a hand on each arm of the chair staring as the other.  "Because I don’t plan on letting you sleep tonight and don’t even think about passing out on me either.  Or else you’ll find yourself in a rather compromising position in the morning and may not make it back in time to get any real work done tomorrow…if your visit doesn’t get extended another night.  I’ll send Marie a proper apology should that occur so don’t worry."

Closing the short gap between them, he kissed the other softly, slowly as though each movement was carefully calculated.  They had the whole rest of the night ahead of themselves so there was no need to rush anything.

“I think I handled myself fairly decently after those nights.” Well, in his mind he didl After all, how many guys could actually handle that much and not feel it in the morning. It was all about the character of the man, as to how they dealt with it in the morning. “Seeing as you tend to be bigger than the average human being, and neither us us liked a lot of prep before hand.. Well, it was always worth the pain in the end.” He preferred the nights that he was so sore that he couldn’t move the n0065t day. Besides, the wincing and groaning went well with the lies that he was sick.

It didn’t take much at all to get Nile back into the chair, falling right against the plush seat and just staring up at him. Expectantly. Erwin could control as much as he wanted,  but there was no surprise that Nile almost demanded to be treated in the exact way he wanted. He was the commander of the military police… He was used to only saying an order, not having to bark it to rowdy recruits. They were exceedingly docile, once they got behind the walls of Sina. Well, most of them.

“I am quite a bit more experienced than I was, Smith.” Nudging the other with his foot, the commander caught the gaze of the other, his hands tightening against the arm rests of the chair. “You assume I go home much anymore. Marie only knows that I left the walls of Sina, that I came down to see you. She sends her regards, of course, and the children want to see their uncle again soon.” His mind wasn’t all there, so it was easy to get on subjects he knew well. “But no one will care if I’m down here for a day or three. Dennis can handle things quite well.” The smallest smirk tugged at his lips, as he thought of just how well the man handled this. One of his favorite subordinates, to say the least.

He quieted down with the kiss, however, his hand slipping up to press against the blonde’s cheek, the soft feel of Nile’s hands speaking volumes of the work he did these days. No longer were the calluses there from the gear. 

random AUs for your otp


  • met at a charity kissing booth au
  • sex shop employee and slightly flustered customer au
  • highschool party au with spin the bottle
  • neighbours au where person A goes over to person B to tell B to ‘stop singing karaoke it’s 2am’
  • met in a line for a roller-coaster au (bonus: one of them is scared shitless)
  • 'you were the only one at the party who understood my movie reference' au
  • lifeguard/swimmer or lifeguards au

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(Hey guys! Today is officially a good day, mostly due to the fact that I finally hit 100 followers. 

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Nothing but a quiet place. [with sagacious-soldier]


Once Nile began to apologize, Mike gave a slight smile, and instead he just started to laugh. “I was joking, I should be the one apologizing. I don’t think I’ve seen you around a lot.” He explained, and nodded his head. “Even when I come in the morning I don’t stay very long. Café au lait— for here.” Mike usually asked for it to go, but he was sure he could kill some time now. “I’ll wait for the rain to ease up on me.”

Mike examined Nile a little bit more, noting his more embarrassment earlier. He looked over Nile, dark black hair, dark eyes, a little bit nervous, and it was almost charming in that respect. Mike didn’t make a comment, instead trying to smile it off. Mike had a warm smile, and he looked to Nile, holding his laughter. “I’m sorry, I put you on the spot, that was rude of me.” He offered, hoping the other wasn’t sensitive on the topic.

There was a feel of steam coming from behind the counter. Mike shifted a little on the stool, listening to the metal creak on instinct. The rain was quiet with the windows and doors between them. Mike wiped his cheek with his sleeve, feeling some rain still dripping off his hair. While Nile was still close to him, he instinctively leaned in, and sniffed at the man. Coffee and milk. Of course, Mike knew he’d smell like that. Something else as well, but it would require close inspection and Mike was sure Nile was not up for that.

Well, if there was one thing Nile had always been good with was opening his mouth and embarrassing himself nearly right after. “I don’t tend to be here in the very early morning. Though I think I’ve caught sight of you a few times before.” He would remedy this, to the best of his abilities. “It must be strange to have some sort of demanding job then. Early mornings every day can be a bit rough on people.” That Nile knew for a fact. He got to see the same people every day. Doing all right on Monday. Usually pretty perky on Wednesday, but by Friday, everyone that came through his doors was beaten down by th weight of the week.

As he settled by the machines, working far more quickly and efficiently than any of his subordinates, he listened to the other. “I wouldn’t call it rude, a jokes just simply a joke, right?” He asked, taking the jump and making a second one as well. Even if the man didn’t want the company, he could probably use the caffeine anyways. “Sorry I didn’t catch it right away.” He added, the warm drink being filled into one of the house cups. With a bit of amusement, the simplistic wave design along the edge of the cup just existed to make Nile smile.

He’d do something far more impressive to show off.  Though it was almost ruined by the strange feeling of… Mike sniffing him? No, it had to be his imagination, the man was just clearly smelling the delicious smells that existed in his café. When he finally passed the drink to the other, Nile glanced up, opting to just drink some of the left over double strength coffee. “Tell be if it tastes all right.” It was a calm statement, as he leaned on the counter slightly, his own warm cup clutched in his hands. “So what do you do then, if you don’t mind me asking.”

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| Confusion | - trainee days!au


A wide smile spread on her face and nodded at his offer. “That would be lovely. I don’t mind waiting until you are done, but of course, if you are done with the first books, I would be happy to temporarily take them off your hands.” Did she have any new books of her own to share? They tended to trade books on occasion, just so that they would both have something to occupy their spare time. “In fact, I retrieved some books the other day from a vender in town that were positively intriguing. I believe you would enjoy them.”

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He seemed to perk up slightly, interested in what she had gotten. Nile wasn’t the popular extrovert most of his friends tended to be, short of maybe Mike. But Mike was just strange, no matter how he seemed to shake it. Finally turning his attention to the other, he marked his place in the book before  grinning. “Tell me about what you found. Is it a new author? Someone writing some sort of exciting adventure?” Nile had the habit of living though books, thinking of long adventures out in the world.

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| Mistakes | - mpcommander


It was interesting the responses she could elicit from the man in her arms, even after such a long time. They used to be so close—sharing a connection, a passion, whenever they were together in the trainee days of the past. And now, she could feel those feelings for him resurfacing, as he shivered to her touch, as he stiffened then relaxed as he lay on her breasts.

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When he realized what he had done in the morning. Nile knew he was going to hate himself. He was going to break down, and hate himself. He would have to live with the guilty. The pain of cheating on his wife mixed with the pain of using such a good friend. Could he actually live with that? Could he deal with that guilt, that pain? But he didn’t have a choice. It wasn’t something he was choosing in this moment. This was his need. He needed to feel so real once again.

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